#yourdailyportland/in color

green goddess.

city angel.

Portrait of Bill Stevenson.

after a personal favorite: JFA’s “mad garden” EP

Plane sketch.

“You will never experience everything. So, please do…justice to your soul and simply experience yourself” -Albert Camus

"…turn off the lights unplug my phone, to pretend I’m out when I’m still home" -Mrs. Magician

“the lensman’s dilemma” based off of stories from within a movie shoot.

“what price happiness” 1/2, inspired by driving a listening to classic Youth Brigade 7"

“what price happiness” 2/2, driving and listening to classic Youth Brigade on my ipod

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s fatal”
-Paulo Coelho

what can happen if one quits.

leaves in the swimming pool.

a friend, a slappy.

“I’m a black rabbit, with my black habits” -Turbonegro

American cozy.

Bombs of Death. Inspired by the excellent Hirax.

#yourdailyportland are drawings made from daily life, inspired by random people and events that arrive during my day. They are done quick and dirty, sparkle and polish isn’t what the subjects or illustrations are about. To me this is like graphic photography, how damn goofy is that? That doesn’t even make sense but its what comes to mind. They come in color and black and white.

  • For personal project

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