“Crowd Work” murals

“Crowd Work” is a participatory mural program I developed to involve communities in mural/beautification projects. As opposed to just showing up and doing the whole thing myself, I want to involve every and all who want to have a hand in the process, so I literally put a brush in their hand. In advance of the project, a questionnaire is sent ahead for all involved to have their say in the content and message they hope to convey, I then develop artwork to reflect their input/suggestions. I then line out the entire piece in bold black, to then be painted, in the same way as in a coloring book, by the group. I find this extremely satisfying, and so does the “crowd”, especially when they see the final punch up and all of the “I’m not an artist” inclinations fall away and people can enjoy the feeling of creating something full of color and beauty, all in a very simple way, with a simple process.

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