Street Plant

Street Plant is pro skateboarder Mike Vallely’s brand. I did his “Mammoth” graphic for New Deal in '91, and he looked me up to do work again with Street Plant, including a reissue of “Mammoth”.

Bruce Lee “water”

Bruce Lee “WATTA!”

Bruce Lee “Express”

Bruce Lee “Family”

“Heart Fist”

“battalion fest '18”

“city pusher”

“nailed to the board”

'open hearted" tour design

“mammoth” originally done for Mike Vallely’s New Deal Skateboards pro model in 1991, reissued in 2015 under Mike’s own “Street Plant” brand to critical acclaim!

“Skate Create Enjoy Cassette”


“nailed…" artwork modified for "Kustom Kulture Forever”, event. Germany.

“pusher” sticker design using art originally featured in “miss the boat” pieces. I dug the characters and wanted to play around with the idea a bit.

“armory outpost” Design for shop windows. Original version, "armory…" type was changed in final product.

“miss the boat” pusher

“miss the boat” slappy

“miss the boat” no comply

“night blooms”