Murals, Signs, larger size works…

An oldie but still, a goodie; early days honing my chops: Backdrop for White Zombie,1991. 30'x40' painted with co-conspirator and friend Ryk.

"Destiny…" floor murals, Sony Playstation of America

"Destiny…" floor murals, Sony Playstation of America

"sanitary…" Bible Club bar

hand painted signage, approx 4'x3'…

hand painted signage, approx 1.5'x6'

“Clean Fucking Friday” signage, 1.5'x6'

hand painted signage, approx 1.5'x2.5

hours… Bible Club bar

“Alter of Sacrifice” 4'x4', enamel on canvas

“Iggy Pop” 4'x4', enamel on canvas

“West Tech” office mural

“West Tech” office mural, detail

“West Tech” office mural, process

"door…" Bible Club bar

“Filmed by Bike” painted at festival. 4'x4' acrylic on canvas

Up Next:

“Buzzkill” painting